Don’t wait for an opportunity. Create it.

I’m a businesswoman, financial markets expert, and a social activist. My passions revolve around leadership and women empowerment. I was listed on Forbes’s 100 Most Powerful Arab Businesswomen in the Middle East and North Africa. But my success was never accidental, for behind my success story there were challenges requiring much responsibility, patience, effort, and hard work. My father passed away when I was six years old; an incident that made me feel responsible towards my mother, grandmother, and sister.

I started my first economic activity at the age of sixteen; a time during which I felt it was my duty to provide for my family the way my father once did. I lived most of my life without the support of men, so I depended on myself in dealing with my affairs, and then moved to Egypt while still young after I was residing in Saudi Arabia.

I got married at the age of eighteen and had two beautiful children, Ahmed, and Hussam, who grew up to become my source of support. Soon after came the hardship of being a single mother after my marriage ended with divorce when I was only twenty-four years old. Ahmad and Hussam lived with me, so I had to play two roles; the role of the mother, and the role of the father, for I had to reconcile between the care, protection, and affection of the mother on one hand and the father’s strictness and being able to handle the family’s affairs on the other. My old challenges consisted in proving my capabilities to my mother in an attempt to show her that I was able to provide for myself without the need of a helping hand.

Those challenges then became more personal—challenges of parenthood, dreams, and goals to be achieved. During my late twenties and early thirties, I began working in Egypt’s financial market. Soon after my efforts bore fruit and I became a successful, rich businesswoman. But it didn’t take long before I lost all my fortune after being a victim of fraud. It was a tough period for me, both professionally and personally, but after continuous efforts, I was able to stand on my feet once again. In 1999, I moved to Jordan and started my career over again by founding INGOT Group, a consortium of multinational companies operating across six continents. And most recently, I founded INGOT Coin, a first-of-its-kind revolutionary Ecosystem aimed to be the financial gateway to link the cryptocurrencies universe with the traditional financial industry. I’m also the Chairwoman of Sigma Investments and director of INGOT Brokers. It took a lot to reach where I’m at today. Despite all the challenges, here I am; a proud, successful Arab woman.