Behind my Name: Absolute Faith

There is a common proverb that says: “our names are intertwined with our destiny”, and that “Each person shares the essence of their name”.

For me, this phrase has never been far from true. My father left me with a beautiful name that has always been connected to who I am and accompanied me through the good and bad. Iman, in Arabic, means Faith, and my last name, Mutlaq, means Absolute. so my full name translates to Absolute Faith, which sums up my entire journey and outlook on life.

The name Iman gave me the realization that my life has a purpose which I am aided to fulfill, and that I will soar above all the obstacles.

Iman taught me that the world is so much bigger than I can control. I can’t control the movements of the earth, yet she is spinning in her orbit in perfect proximity to other planets. I can’t consciously control my heartbeat and the cells in my body, yet they all know what to do. All these things that I do not have the capacity to manage are accomplished perfectly without requiring my intervention. The same thing applies to many parts of my life, there are things that I cannot take charge of, so I surrender to the universe and trust that all is well.

Iman taught me that in life, there are times of sunshine and joy, there are also times of cold and darkness. The light will never be perceived without the dark, and the warmth will never be felt without the cold. This cycle is the eternal dance through which life and balance continue. So when sailing through the rough seas, I know that whatever it is I am facing, it will ultimately serve my greatest good.

Iman taught me to have absolute faith in myself and my capability to make things happen the way I want. Even when things don’t go the way I planned, faith tells me that the universe is working things out for me, and like the caterpillar, I too shall grow wings.

Does this mean that I never worry? Absolutely not! Does faith mean that I don’t work hard to make things happen for me? No! Faith is the ray that lights my way on the stairway to my destination. It is the voice that whispers that I have it all within me. It is the nudge that calls me to move forward through life. As I plant the seeds, faith helps me continue to water them even if I still don’t see the trees.

So, whether it be your faith in God, your faith in the universe, your faith in yourself or your faith in humanity, it is your companion when you get up in the morning and move out of your bed, when you look at yourself in the mirror and hear the still voice: “I am going to make it”, and when you go to sleep at night and know that tomorrow, the sun will rise.

What about your name? What is it saying to you?