My Journey of Self-Discovery

 “Self-discovery is a never-ending process. Yet it is one through which we become more conscious, more compassionate, more understanding, and more enlightened”

It all started when I met my life coach Sri Sri, he literally changed my whole perception of the world and life. He has steered my mind towards a different direction. I experienced a sudden insight and a moment of realization when I started to question things like the very purpose of our existence; why am I here? What is hindering my progress? How can I free myself from old habits? How can I broaden my horizons to achieve my newly found goal, my newly found understanding, and my passion for life? Until today, Guruji has a profound influence on my life. Through his remarkable vision, I realized the joy of giving; the more you give, the more you find yourself.

My self-discovery journey has not been smooth traveling all the way, but it has been tremendously rewarding. During this journey, I have discovered the five “selves” that have accompanied me during my life and that will still accompany me for the rest of it.

 The first one is SELF-RESPECT. I used to think that respect is a reciprocal process; we respect others and thus gain their respect in return. However, my understanding of respect has gone beyond this conventional definition, for the true meaning of respect is that of respecting the God within us; respecting our true self is to speak not the ego or the conscious mind, but the true self, and to find the silence within ourselves.

The second self is SELF-AWARENESS. I have also developed a wider definition of awareness: it’s no longer limited to one’s feelings and thoughts but goes further to recognize the awareness of one’s energy. It’s important to realize your own energy before trying to read someone else’s. The haze around you should be recognized and cleared. Always remember that the journey isn't so much about finding answers to all these questions; it is about being aware of what surrounds us and enjoying the mysterious side of life itself.

And then comes SELF-DEVELOPMENT. Life is full of hurdles we need to cross or else we will stay stagnant in one place.

The fourth is SELF-CARE. It takes a little bit of attention to self-care in order to feel more connected to yourself and to the world. Always make sure you are at optimum, emotionally and physically.

And finally, SELF-BELIEF; which is believing in all the above-mentioned selves’ beliefs. After all, believing in our senses is believing in our values.

 Our values are never given; we create and adopt them. Always be careful when defining your own values for they determine what is truly important to you. They guide us as independent individuals who are defined by their own actions, not just as a result of what we were taught as kids.

This journey is a never-ending adventure of learning, and life is a succession of lessons; the more I live the more I know, influence, and teach.