Iman Mutlaq | IAHV






2005 has been a turning point in my life, where I have discovered the road to a peaceful mind, it’s definitely attainable through the act of meditation. Joining the art of living was the initiating incident in my journey to self-discovery. I attended my first breathing course which has changed my whole perception of the world, a world I only used to understand and relate to through numbers. Five days later, my world has transformed to a life loaded with feelings. I realized that the true beauty of life lies within the smallest details we tend to neglect. As the ability of words to acquire new meanings when put in different contexts, my life, soul and self, have been through this exact process. The deeper I delve the more I discover the secrets of life. It reminded me of the discoveries and the beauty I’ve seen when diving deep into the ocean while scuba diving. The deeper I go, the more I see, the more beauty I encounter, and the more I learn.

The Art of Living showed me another ocean to dive into; the self. This has certainly broadened my horizons, and made me a believer in “learning breeding learning”. I met my personal life coach at the time, Robin Sharma, the one whom I’ve gained extensive lessons. I also attend all the Jack Canfield workshops and courses where I continued to discover deeper within myself.

However, it was only when I met my Guru Sri Sri, the founder of the Art of Living that I recognized there is still much more to learn. Sri Sri, also known as Guruji, can stand as one of the greatest role models one can gain extensive lessons. He has dedicated his whole life to helping others, and thus making the world a better place to live in. He has steered my mind towards a different direction. I went through a sudden insight and a moment of realization where I started to question things like the very purpose of our existence; why am I here? What is hindering my progress? How can I free myself from old habits , and how can I broaden my horizons to achieve my new found goal, my new found understanding , and my passion for life. Guruji has a profound influence on my life. Through him, I realized the joy of giving; the more you give, the more you find yourself. Truly giving from the heart can nourish one’s soul.

My journey has not been smooth traveling all the way, but it has been absolutely rewarding. As I have discovered the five “selfs” that have accompanied me for the rest of my life.. The first one is SELF-RESPECT: I used to think that respect is a reciprocal process, we respect others and thus gain their respect back. However , my understanding of respect has gone beyond this conventional definition , rather the true meaning of respect is about respecting the God within us, respecting our true self to speak not the ego or the conscious mind, but the true self , and find the silence within ourselves. The second one is SELF-AWARNESS: I have also developed a wider definition of awareness, it’s no longer limited to one’s feelings and thoughts yet it goes further to recognize the awareness of one’s energy. It’s important to realize your own energy before trying to read someone else’s. The haze around you should be recognized and cleared. It is being aware of our mind, why it moves from one place to the other as well as being aware of the impact others may have on us. Always remember that the journey isn't so much about finding answers to all this; It is about being aware of what surrounds us, and enjoy the mysterious side of life itself. And then comes SELF-DEVELOPMENT: life is full of hurdles we need to cross otherwise we will stay stagnant in one place. This is a life-long process that expends a great deal of efforts. Personal development can help you to set goals and reach your full potential. The fourth is SELF-CARE: It takes a little bit of attention of your own self-care in order to feel more connected to yourself and to the world. Always make sure you are at optimum, emotionally and physically. Our body is a precious gift from god and therefore we should treat it with care, along with our soul which is the bulb that lightens our body, and therefore should be fed and nourished in order to live. And finally, SELF-BELIEF; It’s believing in all the above mentioned selves beliefs.

After all, believing in our senses is believing in our values. Our values are never given rather they are adopted and created by us. Always be careful when defining your own values for they determine what is truly important to you. They guide us as independent individuals who are merely defined by their own actions, not just a result of what we were taught as kids. This journey is a never-ending adventure of learning; and life is a succession of lessons, the more I live the more I know, influence, and teach.

Throughout the course, I made sure that my participants understand comprehensively the five major roles the art of living focuses on; the first role is focusing on the now and not to be lost between yesterday and tomorrow. Be grateful and satisfied for what you have, because true happiness is to enjoy the present. Also the lack of acceptance and satisfaction is generated from comparing things to the past, or caring too much about your future. Therefore, it is a must that you focus on the now, and not to miss the moment. Besides, you should accept others for who they are, and who they are not. Simply let people be! Always remember after darkness comes light. Bad things must happen in life so that we can appreciate the good ones.

Another important aspect of the Art of Living courses is the focus on teaching participants the art of breathing. We are so unaware of our breath because we take it for granted as something that will happen automatically. Yet, the art of breathing is a kind of art that helps the body rid itself of stress. Each breath travels to every part of our body. It is one of our utmost important possessions for without it we will cease to exist. Furthermore, I teach my participants how to relax their bodies and minds through the art of meditation. It’s a deep relaxation method that stills your mind, and stops the constant chatter in your head. One of the most interesting things I’ve also learned is how to spend ten days in silence through the Art of Living advanced course. It cools the system down and allows the body and mind to rest and relax. Life moves at such fast-pace that it seems to pass us by before we can enjoy it. These courses will enable us to rebel against the hectic lifestyle, focus on the important things in life, and enjoy the now. Most importantly I have stopped taking things for granted, I learned how to be appreciative and grateful for everything I have, no matter how small it was. Every morning when I wake up I write ten things that I am grateful for, which jump-starts the day on the right track and proceeds to be a day full of positivity.

With more awareness and understanding I realized that happiness is not about having all you want, it is not even about the “you” itself, rather, true happiness is achieved through giving, not to buy or have, but to GIVE. Giving gives us a better feeling towards ourselves, strengthen our connections, and build a better society for everyone. I therefore decided to establish the International Association for Human Value (IAHV) in Jordan. Choosing Jordan for the location of the center was ideal since Jordan maintains a high level of stability, and it is centered and close to the neighboring countries, therefore it is easier to work out of that location and reach women to support and empower in the Arab world. We focus on special programs and trainings that help them be independent, successful and empowered. We also feel much more at peace when we achieve balance in our wealth corners and they are 8 wealth corners: career, finance, family, health, genius circles, inner life, adventure and legacy. Keeping those balanced is what keeps us at peace. Overall, my journey to the self is still going, and I can't be more thankful for all the things I have gained and acquired throughout this rewarding journey. Knowing yourself means finding your purpose in life, realizing and believing in your path, and taking out time to acknowledge that you do matter in this life.