Iman Mutlaq | My Master Mind


Family is the ones you love and accept into your circle. They are the ones who support and inspire you, and whom are always willing to lift you up no matter how difficult the situation maybe. Family is not always blood; rather it’s those whom are willing hold your hand when you need it the most. A small drop of water can be meaningless through solitude, yet had it belonged to an ocean it would feel enormous, meaningful, supported, and strong. One such ocean is my mastermind family who helps keep me on track and fulfills my life with love and encouragement no matter the time, place nor circumstance they face. We came together from different countries, nationalities, backgrounds and careers yet we all share the same goal which is masterminding our future. We gather three times a year just to sit and mastermind. For the dream to become reality you must first believe it to be it, this belief will bring hope into your life, and hope is the key to making your dreams reality. Then you need to start setting your goals, and plan the different roads that will get you to your ambitions in life.Thus, there is no other route to success.