Iman Mutlaq | My Life Style

You cannot create experience. You must undergo it.



Art of living gives you a better vision of yourself, opens your eyes to the many beautiful aspects of life, helps you find the happiness within yourself, scours your soul, and finally it moves you from turbulence to tranquility. Releasing all the stress that is accumulated in our heads makes our minds fresher and clearer. We become mentally strong to face any situation with a smile. The art of living has changed my entire life to become more colorful, fulfilled, and peaceful.



The message of love, guidance, and hope has no expiry date, and yet can cross any borders. Since childhood, helping others has always been part of who I am. The word “thank you” has always succeeded in drawing a permanent smile on my face and heart , and has given me the motivation and confident to continue. Health and well-being have always been my number one priority in life, to the point when I joined the Art Of Living program. I absorbed so much throughout the program; Meditation & Breathing, helped me become a better person inside and out. It leads to a peace of mind, well-being, greater focus, and certainly better relationships and connections. Through my breathing session’s, my whole life has flashed before my eyes. I started questioning myself, what will I leave behind in the afterlife, and does it truly exist? Perhaps I should take you in my steps for the first time, I would like you all to close your eyes, put your cell phones away, open your hands and focus your mind on what I’m going to say. Think of the things we will carry out of this life. What are they? Obviously the good deeds, words, thoughts, and influences are what we really leave behind us. Therefore, you should learn how to practice compassion. Take just few minutes today, and do a kindness for another person, make their lives better, and taste the joy of giving.

You may help someone with cancer, for example, King Hussein center is in need of 350 beds, these beds are to bring hope and faith for people diagnosed with cancer, to lift their spirits, and get them through the long, difficult road ahead.

Cancer can be a very hateful guest that may knock our doors at any time without any prior warning.

We always should be thankful for what we have in life, no matter what the situation is, always thank god for what he has planned for you.

I believe that God is the master of every situation. We may feel overwhelmed, tired, and depressed at times, perhaps God is allowing difficulty to get our attention of His master hand at work. Therefore, I continually, and give thanks in all circumstances. This is because there is always something to be grateful for.

A new foundational campaign project in Jordan is undertaking an expansion project for a local hospital. The campaign aims to raise funds for the expansion of the King Hussein Cancer Center KHCC, a new state-of-the-art facility to complement the existing center and absorb the increasing number of cancer patients seeking treatment at KHCC from Jordan and the Arab world. KHCC Jordan treats both adult and pediatric patients. Help Cancer patients today by donating your valuable time as a volunteer, or giving away charity. Let’s take the time to support and lift up the spirits of cancer patients and make them strong and brave enough to conquer cancer. Giving freely out of love, can be a true blessing. The more you help others, the more God blesses your life.